Our academy follows a systematic training plan that encompasses all aspects of the sport. We provide comprehensive support during competitions, both in India and internationally. Our goal is to offer world-class training facilitated by the best coaches in the country, who work tirelessly to nurture and develop shooters, enabling them to reach their full potential. […]

Table Tennis

SSA offers a unique opportunity to learn table tennis in a professional and structured manner. Our academy provides a comprehensive solution that combines learning with fun and enjoyment. In today’s digital age, children are often engrossed in virtual images on screens, such as TVs, computers, and mobile devices. This can limit their exposure to the […]


At our organization, we are proud to provide exceptional football coaching at the grassroots and youth levels. Children up to the age of 17 have the opportunity to train at any of our BBFS training centers located across India. Our football training methodology is distinct and focused, creating a nurturing environment that encourages students to […]


We strive to offer aspiring cricketers exceptional training and top-notch infrastructure, enabling them to progress to the next level. Our cricket program is designed to provide specialized coaching in batting, bowling, and wicket-keeping. We tailor the training intensity based on each student’s skill level and fitness, ensuring a personalized approach. Additionally, we emphasize creating a […]